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Swanage Tyres and Tuning are true specialists when it comes to getting more from your vehicle's engine. Offering bespoke tuning options for every customer we can assist you with a full suite of customisation for your vehicle in Swanage. Our expertise in ECU remapping and tuning means you can drive away from our garage knowing your vehicle is at its peak performance. 

Why remap my vehicles ECU?

ECU remapping isn’t just the domain of performance engines and racing. All vehicles can gain some benefit from adjusting the numerous parameters to fit the driving style of the driver and environment that the vehicle is driven in.

When vehicle manufacturers set the default configuration for the vehicles ECU they have to take into account numerous factors that would not affect many motorists. Their tuning will need to be suitable for vehicles driven at high altitudes, vehicles using a poor quality of fuel and extremes in the local climate. Many of these factors are not relevant to drivers in the UK meaning that your ECU will not be set to its optimal configuration for UK driving.

What types of ECU remapping are there?

ECU remapping generally falls under two camps; Performance Tuning and Economy Tuning.

Performance Tuning - This type of remap involves increasing horsepower, torque and allows for smoother power delivery with improved throttle response.

Economy Tuning - This is a remap focussed on improving the overall economy of your vehicle and can target fuel efficiency. Many motorists find that tuning their vehicle towards better fuel economy translates to greater savers over their vehicles lifetime.

A vehicle having a performance upgrade - Remapping Swanage

If you have any questions regarding ECU remapping and tuning contact the experts in Swanage on 01929 421398 or Contact us using our contact form.

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